Nick Rogers

Nick Rogers

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Harvey Nash Group

1 year with the Group

What keeps you at Harvey Nash?

Harvey Nash is a business that expects excellence and provides the support and tools to achieve this. I have a passion for improving processes and systems and Harvey Nash has provided the budget and drive from the top to implement best practice back office processes.

What makes Harvey Nash different to other employers?

3 months after starting at Harvey Nash, I was knocked off my bike while cycling and was taken to a specialist hospital for 2 major operations.

I had not been at the company very long at this point, but I was treated as if I’d been there 10 years with no questions about when I am able to come back but simply when I was ready.

This support made my recovery much easier and quicker and I’ll always be thankful for the support during that difficult time.

How would you describe the Harvey Nash Culture?

The culture at Harvey Nash is supportive and friendly; there are many people at Harvey Nash who have worked here for decades which is a testament to the supportive and friendly culture.

What’s your biggest achievement here to date?

My biggest achievement to date is starting my new role working from home during a global pandemic, at the time of writing I have been at the company for 9 months but only ever been to the office twice!

There is much to grasp when starting a new role and been able to get up to speed and trained via teams has been challenging at times however this went very well.

I am still yet to meet some of my team in person, but it feels like I know them very well already.

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