Natalie Fitzhenry

Natalie Fitzhenry

I'm located in
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Harvey Nash

7 years with the Group

What keeps you at Harvey Nash? 

Our people and our culture! I feel very privileged to work with so many great people and for a business who truly understands the value of getting its culture right!

What makes Harvey Nash different to other employers?

I’m going to have to say it again, our culture! I truly believe that the reason we are such a successful business and a brand that is so widely respected, is because we create the right culture for our people. Get that right, and results will follow!

What’s the best thing we’ve done for you?

I’d have to say all of the different opportunities that I’ve been given throughout the past 7 years. I feel like my role has constantly evolved, which has kept it interesting.

How would you describe the Harvey Nash Culture?

Open, fun and entrepreneurial 

What’s your biggest achievement here to date?

Being promoted to Associate Director.  I’m really passionate about people development so to be recognised and rewarded for all of the work I had done over the years to help to grow a business, truly meant the world to me.

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