Hina Patel
Hina Patel
Resources Manager
Harvey Nash

What keeps you at Harvey Nash?  

The people are what keep me at Harvey Nash. Throughout my time, I have come across and met so many different people of various backgrounds. Everyone shares an interest in supporting the company and helping each other. From my team, to my colleagues and up to management, I have seen teamwork and collaboration on all fronts. We also share important milestones in our careers and our personal lives as one family. This is what excites me to come to work!

What makes Harvey Nash different to other employers?

We are a process-oriented company and we ensure that all of our day-to-day interactions with customers, clients, and vendors are centered around the processes we have established. We train and develop our staff to understand why we do things the way we do, whilst encouraging questions, to truly understand our thought process behind serving our clients. Being in this industry for a large part of my career, I can see how this mindset truly benefits both internal and external stakeholders of our company.

What’s the best thing we’ve done for you?

Harvey Nash and Lat36 have constantly pushed me to become stronger in my career aspirations from being an individual contributor, to a manager, and to a leader. When asked for opportunities, my mentors and managers have never shied away from giving me more responsibilities. They look for ways to develop my team and myself, whilst listening to my feedback and opinions I bring to the table. In my opinion the best thing a company can do for their employee is to foster their growth and have an open door policy, and I can definitely say that Harvey Nash has done that for me.

How would you describe the Harvey Nash Culture?

Harvey Nash is a work place that nurtures growth, creativity, and diversity. Having tuped from Lat36 recently, I can see the values that Harvey Nash carry to promote wellness amongst all employees no matter what part of the world we are allocated in. The company encourages physical and mental health whilst still promoting ambitious, but achievable targets to encourage employees to do their best. Having offices all over the world, you really get to experience the diversity and experiences individuals bring to the table.  

What’s your biggest achievement here to date?

One of my proudest moments to date is when I was a recruiter and successfully accomplished 17 offers and 15 starters in one quarter! It was a great milestone to see what is achievable when we work hard and put our minds to the task at hand. Having worked with this client and now managing a team of recruiters that place for this client, I know that we can continue to grow this account to new and exciting levels!

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Let some of our people tell you what it's like to work in Nash Squared.
Bach Nguyen Dinh
Bach Nguyen Dinh
Training & Development Team Lead
The benefits are brilliant, engagement activities are frequent and the opportunity to strive for high performance and outcomes in order to contribute back to the Company growth.
Nick Rogers
Nick Rogers
Financial Controller – UK, Ireland and APAC
I have a passion for improving processes and systems and Harvey Nash has provided the budget and drive from the top to implement best practice back office processes.
Ruud Reusens
Ruud Reusens
Talent Coordinator
There are many reasons to stay with Harvey Nash. You are not just a number to them, but they value your ideas; you have real influence.
Jenny Dhaker
Jenny Dhaker
Engagement Manager
Having worked for a few other companies, I know how important it is to have the authority to do your role. I am empowered to make decisions in order to do my job and feel supported by the company and the people around me.
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