Heikki Otsolampi

Heikki Otsolampi

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8.5 years with the Group

What keeps you at Harvey Nash?

The unbelievable trust put in me and support given for me to perform. I love the international aspect and the willingness for all colleagues, even between brands and divisions to help.

What makes Harvey Nash different to other employers?

The leadership is fantastic! We have talented and passionate leaders who can truly translate goals into required activities, without micromanagement. We love what we do, the people are proud of brand and our performance reflects this.

What’s the best thing we’ve done for you?

Enabled me to grow. I have been given a fantastic opportunity to develop outside the group, while working here and the combination of doing volunteer work has supported my personal growth. I’ve been given responsibilities above my skill level and support for me to grow into that role. I appreciate that I’ve had the opportunity to travel around and make new friends within the group, all in a relatively short time here.

How would you describe the Harvey Nash Culture?

I’d say we’re opportunistic. We seize the opportunities that we come across and have diverse teams that create solutions. We are passionate about what we do; at Harvey Nash, I feel that we’re pushing the limits and driving our client’s ambitions further.

What’s your biggest achievement here to date?

I’ve placed numerous non-executive board members to listed companies, gained trust of multiple private equity partners internationally and assisted companies transform into profitable and highly valued businesses. In addition, internally I’ve increased collaboration initially within our Alumni-division, but also between brands and divisions.

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