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What keeps you at Harvey Nash Group?

I really could write a big long list, but above anything, it must be the people around me that keep me here. I have a fantastic immediate team within Spinks, filled with knowledge, support and genuine care. On a wider scale, I love the interaction and collaboration with counterparts across Europe, the US and further afield.

What makes Harvey Nash Group different to other employers?

Harvey Nash Group's conscious effort to invest in their people on so many different levels, to ensure that both in and out of the workplace, they can best the best version of themselves.

From a work perspective, it’s incredibly refreshing how much Harvey Nash Group are willing to listen to their people’s needs. I love their commitment to be open to ideas and innovation which has led to the investment into many new technologies.

From a more personal perspective, Harvey Nash Group place a huge focus on ensuring every employee is recognised and individually cared for. Most recently an initiative has been looking at wellbeing and mental health across the Group and what can be invested in and put in place; it really is the little things that make such a big difference.

What’s the best thing we’ve done for you?

I think the endless support and guidance I receive through periods of difficulty is most definitely the best thing the company has done for me. As an employer they offer a sense of real stability; Harvey Nash Group genuinely empathise with you and make you feel as if we’re all in this together. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel here!

How would you describe the Harvey Nash Group Culture?

Two words that immediately spring to mind, are collaborative and innovative. Whilst I work for the Spinks arm of the Group, I’m involved in multiple initiatives, support and research teams from across the globe, with the aim of sharing ideas and best practices.

What’s your biggest achievement here to date?

My biggest achievement to date would be achieving the next step up the progression path, through what has been without a doubt the most challenging time of my career to date. It was genuinely as a result of my amazing team around me and continued support from the Group that allowed me to reach my goal.

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