Q & A with Joel Ayettey - Consultant

Meet one of our recruitment consultants - Joel Ayettey

Q & A with Joel Ayettey - Consultant

When did you first consider Recruitment as a possible career?

Coming from a sales background, I knew that there were similarities in the role and skillset required; I knew that my ambition & drive would allow me to be really successful. I had a conversation with my wife who had a few friends in recruitment and she thought it would be the best move even though it meant starting again in a new industry, as she was certain it would be worth it. Being a wise husband I took her advice!

What about the Recruitment role appealed to you?

Knowing that there are great rewards for hard work and there’s a lot of potential to progress. I am very ambitious by nature, and have experience with the sales cycle which is relevant in all  industries. When it comes to hard work in recruitment, the sky is the limit.

What do you love about the job?

I love the fact that I’ve been able to transfer the skills I gained from my sales experience into recruitment, going through the process of cold calling while working in sales has made picking up the phone really easy, I enjoy speaking to different people but also building relationships.

Joel Ayettey

What made you choose Harvey Nash?

From the moment I heard about Harvey Nash, I always felt like I wanted to work here. I was really impressed at how established they are and I knew I would have the opportunity to build a long term career. I felt a strong connection with the people when I went through the interview process, I knew that the culture would line up with my values.

12 months in what challenges are you facing?

I think it’s a challenge that we’re all facing at the moment which is trying to adjust to this new version of life with COVID-19. I haven’t been able to build relationships with colleagues in the traditional face-to-face way and have instead had to use video calls and online platforms. Despite that, I’ve still felt really supported and a strong sense of being part of the team. When we are able to, meeting in person will just be a bonus now!

What advice would you give to someone considering a career in Recruitment?

It’s not easy money! I see how hard those who I aspire to be like work. Nothing in life worth having comes easy but you’ll be rewarded if you work hard.

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